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End London Rule

Friday, 24 January 2014


"The British Constitution is the best that ever wis, since the creation o the warld, and it's no possible tae mak it better."

Lord Justice Clerk Braxfield instructing the jury at the trial of Thomas Muir on charges of sedition.



  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am appalled by the attempts of the British government to bully the people of Scotland.

    Even though, I am not a Scott - I am wishing and praying fervently that the people of Scotland stand up to this bullying and vote for independence. After all, would't it be better to not be supported by the same govt that supported Apartheid in South Africa?

    A concerned world citizen!


  2. Are you ever going to do another blog about some thing? I really enjoyed reading the stuff you put up hear. Your posts are some of the reasons I'm learning Gaelic now. The poems written and spoken were really good and the historical posts about George Murray were really interesting. I hope you continue to post good articles on hear and help to bring down the corrupt London government. We need more hard hitting evidence and more raw attitude to wake this land. Something the yes campaign I thought didn't do. It was all a bit pc and cuddley it lacked an aggressive edge and I think your blog has that as well as others. So keep on, keeping on,keepin strong