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Friday, 25 October 2013

White paper on Independence for Scotland

What a difference 8 years makes.

The following is a speech made by activist Robbie the Pict at the St Andrew's Day Rally in 2006.

Since making this speech the Scottish National Party was installed in the Scottish Parliament in 2007 and returned in 2011.

Nicola Sturgeon of that party now heads it's Independence campaign and a white paper outlining how an Independent Scotland will work will be published on the 26th of November 2013.

With less than a year to go to your chance to End London Rule lets remind ourselves of the words of an Activist from 2006.

St Andrews Day Rally-Edinburgh 25th of November 2006

A speech by Robbie the Pict

Constitution-Scotland-Sovereign Republican Kingdom
Days of armed struggle are over-we must apply intelligence-forget Europe, its corrupt Soviet mafia.The missing principal-Self Determination-DefinitionJumping to full independence misses a vital step and without a defined and argued vision naturally makes everyone nervous. No ill prepared party has the tight to impose independence on a people not ready.A working definition of self-determination is control of your natural assets, taxation, foreign affairs and law. The most important leg of that table is law. Scottish Courts and judges must be in service to the will of the sovereign people of Scotland, not the Queen of England.Only the UN recognises a peoples right to self-determination, officially, we are a non-self-governing territory. We must open dialogue with the UN and register this sovereign democracy, the Republican Kingdom of Scotland, for de-colonisation immediately.Blair is right about strength in Union but the strength is there being a source contract, something to challenge, even as the elder Kingdom, Scotland is the battered wife and has every right to walk away from an abusive relationship. Not grievance, self respect.The Sovereign Republican Kingdom of ScotlandThe treaty of Union is a fraud. It was commissioned by the German, Queen Anne of England and forced upon the people of Scotland. The English have never understood that the Union is only between English Unionist and Scottish Unionists. The people, the constituted sovereign power in Scotland were not consulted.However, many interesting challenges can be made against those who would try to control the people of Scotland using this document.It is only notional, Nobody authorised by the Scottish People ever signed a treaty document. It is the product of a parliamentary corruption and must be exposed as such. It should be subjected to Judicial review in the light of both Human Rights and International Law. Let our University Law Departments re-draft the terms.Readiness-2020 Realisation-14 year warningIn 2020 we should be celebrating 700 years of Nationhood. Real blood was shed to deliver Scottish Independence. I believe we must try to honour our fore-fathers.Without educating the body of the Kirk as the inherent right to Independence, and providing a practicable vision, we are not ready for Independence, the people must be convinced the vision is real and sustainable.Next year marks 300 years of shameful occupation, but its too soon to totally expel the Alien Controller. Because limited blood has been shed since 1745 and there is a degree of personal inter-relationship we must try to minimize the violence of panic already emanating from London. We must explain to the World, starting at Hadrians Wall that we have decided to exercise our rights and give due notice.By an early advertisement of intent we give the maximum number the maximum time to adjust their underpants for the big question. Do you want a Scottish Passport more than any others in the World? Will you cut up your Ukraine passport or any other, now and stay here for 14 years work or until the Scotland Passport is available?In the meanwhile we do not accept guilt trips by anglo-philes about breaking up Britain. Britain was broken in two by the Romans, The North Britons keeping their hair, their Land and the name Picts of which the Caledonian spirit survives.The Angles arrived from Schleswick Holstein about 449AD only the Angles have arrogated a Capital in London with a view to controlling the British Islands, small wonder the natives of North Britain are grumpy when accused of breaking up the Invaders political arrangements.Domestic PoliticsPartyism is an English disease, caused by the attempt in 1689 to transfer power from the people to Westminster. The Scottish parliamentary tradition is that you cannot serve two masters, you serve the People of your constituency only and are forever un-whippable. We must desert party politics to become Independents. When the number of Independents rises there will be more use of their local name, SUCH AS Glasgow, Govan or Skye. Those persisting with England based Party Politics will begin to look Unionist Aliens indeed.Natural assetsOur natural assets include all Marine and Sea bed resources, all land and all products of the same. No one can have any ultimate ownership of these other than the sovereign people. You can rent land but not own it.Taxation Unitax/Energy Tax OnlyAbolish all other taxation in favour of a water tight taxation system based on payment by the energy boards, every Friday in cash. Breed energy consciousness.Foreign policy-Establish a Scottish Institute for Foreign Affairs. Preferably several.Make sure all the World knows Scotland is a Republican Kingdom and is in recovery.Law-Revocation and re-direction of Judicial oathsArticle 19 of the Acts of Union protects the Independence and Integrity of the Scottish Courts for all time coming, regardless of the utterances of Westminster. Cast it up. Scottish Courts and Judges must be in service to the will of the Scottish People.However, remember that all rights protected in the Union are the rights of a Kingdom or its members. To purist Republicans out there I must say. That it might be wise to play the Kingdom game for at least a day. Practise safe government, use a Kingdom.PersonalFor such a major project to succeed the support of the clear majority of the Scottish People is absolutely vital. It will also become necessary to elect an authorised spokesperson who will act as regent.Personally I think that person should be female. A Republican regent. She will be selected by the people very carefully over the next five years or so. To that end I would propose a movement which you might call the Tuatha De Albann, a tribe of one thousand activists preferably containing 501 women.For suecurity purposes stay off the record as much as possible. Do not formalize ranks. Work in threes, fives and sevens if necessary, and overlap to other groupings. Have educational meetings. Let leadership be proven by action and attitude in preparation for service in any questionable event, simply ask. Does this serve Scotland’s best interests?One last thoughtIf you are dithering about helping Scotland get its act together, please remember the older and the younger people, they are depending on you to do the right thing. Be able to look your kids in the eye and say “I did my best”

Think Sovereign, be Sovereign, Independence is already yours!!