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End London Rule

Sunday, 23 June 2013

699 years ago

Right now as you look outside into the fading light remember how you would have felt sitting around a camp fire close to the Bannockburn. With Stirling Castle proud and strong in the horizon the noise from thousands of invaders in the Carse. Their movement and cursing at being stuck in the "pols" their constant wishing they were elsewhere but following a King whose hatred of Scotland was as strong as his father's. Randolph had made them pay today and Bruce had cleaved the head of De Bhoun.

Our fires burned with flames of Freedom and our people talked of dying for that cause. At no time did they feel they were humbled or driven to slavery. Think now as you look at light fading, think now as you think of your family your Nation your Freedom and think now to the fields of the Bannockburn.

Remember their struggle at the Bannockburn, 699 years ago and remember they stood for a Free Nation not ruled from London but a Nation with its own destiny.

Some will say that this goes on and on and lost with time and history melts away but as this light fades to a new dawn tonight, our hearts beat louder and louder with the sound of Freedom and our hearts sing with the song of dear lost friends and fellow patriots and our hearts are their hearts carried with honour and strength with the Good Sir James at our side.

We stand for Freedom and we stand for Scotland, our Nation, Proud and Free and ruled by US ALL......