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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Scottish or British?

The British propaganda machine continues and the news that Alex Salmond, the SNP
Leader has been awarded the Times “Briton” of the year award has fueled the debate over
Scottish not British!

But then these things like;

The Royal Yacht “Brittania” docked for all to see in Scotland’s capital

The London Olympics and all that is “Great Britain”

War overseas and “Union flag” draped coffins

An insecent display of “Britishness” in all Scotland’s supermarkets with unrivalled “Union
flags” and produce displays since Devolution in 1997.

The most recent British parliament at Westminster will decide Scotland’s future

All part of the well oiled London propaganda machine to ensure your “Brittish not Scottish
not even English and fek knows how you can be Welsh!!

But then what is Brittish?!!

The classic writers first mention the isles of Britain in the 1st century BC but then as Albion
and Ierne. The earliest known name is Albion or if your up in your latin.. "Insula Albionum"
something to do with white cliffs...

Its resident peoples would have inhabited its shores from the days of receeding ice as hunter
gatherers through various historical periods through migratory movements by sea from the

The other masters of Empiricism, the Romans as they developed provinces gave the name
Britannia which by 150AD stretched from the southern shore to the neck of the Scot Water
as defined by the Antonine Wall. By 216AD its teritorial limits sat just north of Hadrians Wall
almost the border of the present day Scotland. Then the Romans were good at provincial
names as Calledonia and Hibernia were areas they failed to conquor.

By the time of the 4 kingdoms (Scots, Picts, Bernicians, Strathclyde Britons) of the 6th
century AD, the term Briton was being used to describe the decendents of the Southern
Tribes of the Roman occupation between the walls.

The use of Britain or Brittish was never a word in historical writings to describe the peoples
of the medieval kingdom of the Scots..But then Anglian advancement within that Kingdom of
Scots boosted by Norman landlordism ensured an unstable future for the infant Nation that
was to ensure division which lasts even to this present day..

Those other empire builders the Plantagenets ensured the un-stability of a Celtic Scotland
well into the 15th century. Ironicaly the claims of the worst of them Edward Longshanks to
Scottish overlordship were based on his ludacrous legendary descent from Brutus of Troy
who gave his name to Britain and his son Albanactus who gave his name to Alba (Scotland).

Thank goodness for the legal minds of Master Baldred Bisset, Bishop Wishart, the legends
of the Cruithnigh, Scota of the pharoes and the prophesies of Gildas.

Following Scotland’s emergence as a medieval free and independent Nation, the term
Britain dissapears into the odd mention of historical writers until that day in 1603 started by
the marriage of the fourth James to an english queen when the 6th of that Stewart name
decided Scotland was better ruled as far away from it as possible and London bekoned.

With just over one hundred years of trying the Stewarts brought about the end of the Nation
that spawned them. Not even the religous interludes of the Covenant could save a Nations
freedom resigning it to the black coated zealots of the presbytories. London Rule was born
and even before the disgraceful sell out for english gold in 1707, Scotland’s strings were
being pulled by Westminster, King Lauderdale and all...

Then what do you call a nation united by kingdoms when empires are about to begin why
not go back to the Romans and call it great....great ..britain.. One last gun to fire.. remove it’s
parliament, its name and re-invent its culture...

Article 1 of the 1707 Act of Union...

“That the two kingdoms of Scotland and England shall upon the first day of May 1707 and
for everafter be united into one Kingdom by the name of Great Britain and that the ensigns
armorial of the said United Kingdom be such as her majesty shall appoint and that the
crosses of St Andrew and St George be cojoyned in such a manner as her majesty shall
think fit and us’d in all flags, banners, standards and ensigns both at Sea and Land.”

Article 3

“That the United Kingdom of Great Britain be represented by one and the same parliament
to be still’d the parliament of Great Britain.”

Goodbye to Scotland and Hello to North Britain...Goodbye to England and Hello to Great

In a day when democracy was the talk of revolution to come the people of Scotland were
up in arms at the thought of losing that indpendence so valued. That master of British
propaganda Daniel Defoe commented on the mood of the Scottish people in his “history of
the Union”...

“That the figure of Scotland would make in the British Parliament would not like a kingdom,
but like a province, that one country in England, viz Cornwall, sent up as many members,
one excepted, as the whole kingdom, and this was an external badge of their subjection, and
the like;

This was a general cry, and began to be very popular; The people cried out, they were
Scotsmen, and they would be Scotsmen still. They condemned the name of Britons, fit for
Welshmen, who were made the scoff of the English, after they had reduced them. Scotland
had always a name and fame in foreign courts, they were naturalised in France, enjoyed for
many years great priveleges there, and honours bough by the blood of their ancestors, and
they would never give away their birthright, though some of the Nation had been driving a
bargain for themselves, at the price of selling their country. Thus they filled the mouths of

the common people, who might go about the streets crying NO UNION! And call the treaters
traitors, and soon began to threaten them to their faces.”

A Nation sold so that another could garuantee who was to be the bearer of its crown, It
would be good to be North British....rather than be an Alien by act of parliament!!

Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun poured scorn on the term Great Britain and that all would now
be British. He skillfully pointed out that the British Parliament would consist of mostly English
and even if they asserted they were legislating for a so called Great Britain it would be for
their benefit for they too were to be British....

In the words of Thomas Muir of Huntershill in 1798.

“The Union betwen England and Scotland had been accomplished, in spite of Fletcher, by
English bribes.”

If only they had heeded the words of Fletcher!!

So there you have it.. Todays modern Scotland is a multi-national Nation made up of many
ethnic origins, it's what makes it the vibrant, colourful, forward thinking country it is. It’s future
now in its own hands and not those of a dying empire.

Scotland has never been British and we would hope that you agree with us in ascerting that
you are Scottish NOT British and looking forward to 2014 and ENDING LONDON RULE.......

Dedicated to all that raised a voice against tyranny in 1707 and stood up for what they believed in..We now have your vote at the ballot box and no Westminster corruption will defeat us this time...democracy was revolution, let the people speak..

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