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Monday, 30 January 2012



Thinking of the recent moans from so called British military generals on the negative aspects
of an Independent Scotland we hark back to the birth of Great Britain and it’s so called
empire. We even have that so called champion of the “peoples cause” James Hunter coming
out with the famous divide and rule tactic giving Scotland an in the box tag of division;
Highland and Lowland! Come on Mr. Hunter, Scotland, is now a Nation united at long last,
politicaly as one.

Talking about divide and division we hark back to the birth of the British Empire and confirm
the following facts.

In 1707 the population of Scotland was approximately one fifth of that of England and Wales.

Only 3 per cent of the population of that so called Great Britain lived in the Highlands.

By 1707, the march of anglisisim saw radicalism almost confined to the Highlands and
Islands and the Anglo-Scottish state based in Edinburgh became a Westminster province,
North Britain! What better way to divide and rule a Nation?

By 1745 it’s no surprise that the majority of the last rising against the so called British state
were from the Highlands and Islands. Forget royalty it’s a myth!

On the defeat of the last rising of 1745 it was decreed by act of British parliament “to destroy
the source of rebellion once and for all” The Act of Indemnity was passed based on the
recommendations of the Duke of Cumberland, 8th of May 1746.

More acts were to follow;

The Disarming Act, 1747.

The Heritable Jurisdictions Act, 1748.

By 1762 the clearances had begun.

What better way to rid yourself of the radical Gael than to enlist him into the fighting machine
of your imperial British empire.

Contrary to romantic belief the Highland recruit was rarely a willing soldier. The promises
made to him were cynically broken. The redcoat and shilling taken his fate destined abroad,
his promises of a home to come back to, protected by his enlistment was a family evicted
and in his absence replaced by sheep.

The swish of tartan and the sound of pipes, the British had their “dogs of war”.

The decaying social structure of the times made the recruits enthusiastic members of
millitary service. So what if they disagreed?

A kept secret fact of British imperialism was the Mutiny of the enlisted Scottish Regiments.

The British Army will certainly not tell you these facts!!

With three per cent of the population the Highlands supplied the Hanoverians with 65

regiments of the British Army between 1739 and 1805.

The following regiments stood up against the state and mutinied:

1739; Black Watch reformed into the 43rd. Highland Regiment

1759; 88th Campbells Highlanders

1775; The American Revolution:

71st Fraser Highlanders


76th Lord Macdonald’s Highlanders

77th Duke of Atholl’s Highlanders

78th Lord Seaforths Highlanders

81st Aberdeenshire Highlanders

The Western (Argyll) Fencibles

1793; War with France:

1st Strathspey (Grant) Fencibles

2nd Sutherland Fencibles

4th Breadalbane Fencibles (3 battalions)

5th Western (Argyll) Fencibles (2 battalions)

6th Northern (Gordon) Fencibles


116th Perthshire Highlanders ,

8th Rothesay and Caithness Fencibles

1797; The Perthshire Militia Riots; 5,000 men, women and children raised all of Strathtay
against the state.

1803; The Canadian Regiment of fencibles.

We urge you to find out more on the above and hope we have wet the appetite.



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