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End London Rule

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spoil your Westminster AV vote paper

If your reading this in Scotland we ask that you to make sure you vote in Scotland's election on May 5th. You will also be aware that those in London are holding a referendum on Alternative Voting. We would urge that you spoil this paper by writing an appropriate slogan across it. "END LONDON RULE" FREE SCOTLAND" or even just "INDEPENDENCE NOW" you decide what's best. The more spoiled papers the better as it will give an indication on counting just what the public feeling for Westminster is in Scotland.

If you are wondering why Scotland is not an Independent Nation then think of this.

What is the population in comparison to the land mass of Scotland?

What percentage of land in Scotland is owned or occupied by the people of Scotland?

Why was it that the law of land tenure (feudal law) was only abolished when Scotland finally got its parliament back after 1997?

Where is the HOUSE OF LORDS?

Who joined the crowns in 1603 and who all went South to rule....

Who signed the ACT OF UNION?


That should get you thinking why we are not a Free Nation of the people.........

Here is wee statement written by an englishman around 1800.

The best way of giving you an idea of the Scotch is to show you in what they principally differ from the english. In the first place (to begin with their physical peculiarities) they are larger in body than the english and the women in my opinion (I say to my shame) are handsomer than the english women. Their dialect is very agreeable........They are in some points of view the most remarkable NATION in the world; and no country can afford an example of so much order, morality, economy and knowledge amongst the lower classes of society......Sydney Smith....1800 


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