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End London Rule

Sunday, 13 March 2011

And you thought it all started after Culloden??

Think about it.
Ever since starting to write in this blog we have mixed a number of historical accounts in an effort to highlight some historical facts. Of course history can be distorted and the longer the event disappears in the mists of time the easier it is to allow it to be portrayed in the light of those who or for whom it’s compiled for....
The story of MacBeth as told by Shakespear that engish of english playwright is a prime example of this. Yet that story was written to ensure his master James VI a Stewart and formerly a King of Scots guaranteed his lineage into the mists of time at the expense of an evil tyrant in MacBeth.
How true is the statement  “Kenneth MacAlpin united the Picts and Scots as the first King of Alba? How true did the race of Alpin want it to be as the succession of primogenitor became the fashion of their sons? Why was Giric written out as an almost non-event during the feuding years of kingship. Yet MacBeth as King of Fortrui became High King of Alba and in a so called “Dark Age” travelled a pilgrimage to Rome secure in the knowledge that his kingdom was safe (for the time being). Yet it was MacBeth who invited Osbern Pentecost (how many have heard of this guy) and his kind to Alba as he saw the rationale behind the granting of lands to Norman knights in an effort to buffer warring tribes.
Let’s look at how Scotland became what we know of it today. Why is it that the popular language is a form of english known as Scots. Certainly the broader and unintelligibly english the Scots becomes the better but there is no hiding its origins. The thirst of these early medieval kings saw the “anglo saxon” Lothians added to the emergence of Scotland the nation and not long afterwards the British of Strathclyde. Yet over the centuries the dominance of the anglified Scots secured its capital at its anglified centre, Edinburgh south of the Scot Water. Highland and Lowlands were born. A simple division to them in both language and dress easily exploited and guaranteed that Scotland would never be united as one. Yet given the extent of the “Highland Problem” over many centuries since and the part played by the Royal decedents of one these Norman families who would have thought that a Stewart would lead a predominately Highland army through the gates of Edinburgh the capital of the state hell bent on crushing the “Highland Problem” in the last conflict on these shores.
A few generations of the James years and the divisions were still the same. Plenty attempts at pacification but to speak the so called “erse” meant that you were a barbarian, a heathen, a savage, Edinburgh’s state ensured that even to this day the Gaelic language is kept in its minority that almost saw it exterminated. The answer for the IV one was to marry into english royalty of course it was not a new thing but by the time the VI one came along it guaranteed him a route to the english throne on the death of a childless Elizabeth. The easy option and down South to rule he went. This assured the birth of a Great Britain and paved the way for a United Kingdom so long the aim of those of the Southern persuasion.
“An un-equal union” I hear the words of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, oh yes how true these ring. But our history books are full of the failures of Darien the romanticism in failure of a so called “Bonne Prince” and the clearances started on the final bayonet thrust of a desolate Drumossie Moor. Aye Right!!! We posted many months back a photo of the so called Chiefs standing with that scion of the House of Hanover, Prince Charles. Yet how many of you realise that some of the race of these so called chiefs were already plotting the removal many of their clansmen long before that final bayonet thrust, your gallant, Lochiel being just one of them. These chiefs were rapidly becoming the saxon landlords of a state now sitting in London. Out of it came eagle feathers, tartan and a desire to feature on the front of a shortbread tin. An Empire was building......
Today we stand in the remnants of this Westminster state which spawned that empire. You and I together, stuck in a mire of a feudal society, stuck with a corrupt political system, stuck with a devolved parliament based on Westminster rule, stuck with banks that can manipulate, stuck with a House of Lords and jobs for the boys, stuck in a materialistic world where the more you get the more you want, stuck with a society that breeds poverty for political gain and most of all stuck with London Rule.......
We will leave you with a touch of prose from a not so well known poet Vagaland. Your future begins with Ending London Rule let’s start it on May 6th. And move what we have of Scotland into a new era, one that harks back to the “Land that was once Free”....END LONDON RULE AND LIVE A FREE SCOTLAND...
“Trowe wir minds wir ain aald language.
      still keeps rennin laek a tôn
Laek da laverik ida hômin,
    sheerlin whin da day is done
Laek da seich o wind trowe coam
    at da risin o da môn.
Hit’s da skriechin o da swaaable,
  an da kurrip o da craa,
An da bulder o da water
  In aboot da brakkin baa.
Hit’s dad under o da Nort wind
  whin he brings da moorin snaa.
Hit’s da soond da sheep maks nyaarmin
  whin you caa dem on afore,
An da noise o hens, a claagin,
    layin Peace-eggs ida Voar,
An dag alder at da dug gies,
    whin a pik comes tad a door.......
Things at maks dis life wirt livin,
   dey’re jôst laek the strainin-post;
Whin he’s broken, hit’s no aeasy
   Getting new-eens – an da cost,
Hit’ll shôn owergeng da honour
  If da auld true wyes is lost......

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