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Friday, 31 December 2010

Bliadhna Math Ur

Well there you have it New Year 2011...a new date another 12 months for the cause.....
It’s been a year now since we started writing in this blog and we hope that those who have read it from all over the world have taken away something from it. Scotland has a rich history and as a Nation, Scotland deserves its right to choose its own destiny. London Rule will always prevent this from being reality and those of high birth throughout the ages were very much aware of this and have used it against the people of Scotland. We look to Anglo-Normanism as the festering bile that has eaten at the very soul of a Nation and attacked it through holding its land and undermining its culture. Westminster in London stands at the very heart of it all and our only solution is ending its domination of Scotland. Rest assured the fight back continues and the struggle goes on........
The past year has been one of turmoil politically within Nationalist circles as the underhandedness and dirty tactics of the British through its hold on our media sought to undermine the democratically elected Scottish Government. Hopefully the Scottish voter has not been fooled.
There has been many apologies though and for what for one may ask? what, we stood on the world stage as Nation capable of making our own minds up.... Sturgeon.....a Ministers right......Salmond on the Clan Gathering loan and then we have Stevenson responsible for all that bad weather. Ho Hum.... We live in a blame culture and something very British about it. There is also something very British about the whole political system in Scotland including our so called devolved Parliament and we must change this if we are to prosper.
One only has to listen to even the light entertainment of the British media to get the hints of oppression. Take the recent 3 men in a boat series for example. Landing on the Knoydart peninsula “The last great wilderness of Britain!!” exclaimed Ryhs Jones. Yet only 200 years ago Knoydart was home to nearly a thousand people spread over many townships. All obliterated to make way for an englishman’s sporting estate and sheep. No mention of that Mr Ryhs Jones in your rhetoric....Where was the wilderness then.....
For 2011 we face just the same fight as we did in any other year. No complacency and rest assured there are many still in Scotland who will rise once again to the challenge.
We leave you and 2010 with these words from one of Scotland’s great modern day Patriots and one of our unsung heroes. “Murchadh na Feilidh” or “Murdoch of the Kilt”.  Pay heed as this blog will be using his words a plenty in the year to come.
Written in the 1880’s
“Gaelic, of course, is the great medium by which the old doctrine of the Land for the People comes down to us from antiquity. The Lowland people, having lost the Gaelic language, lost the tradition of ever having cherished the idea that they had any right to the land by what they might acquire by purchase or contract with the landlord. This accounts for the deadness for southern and eastern Scotland in regard to the land. And when the landlords look about them and notice that the most vital activity against landlordism is found where the Gaelic language has full possession of the minds and hearts of the people, it is no great wonder to find them setting about pulling down the whole fabric of the language and all it contains. The landlords have taken forcible possession of the people’s land and, instead of confessing their sin and making restitution, they use all their influence and their cunning in destroying the people’s titles and in extinguishing the spirit which would uphold them in pressing their rights. So that there is a motive for, and a method in, the antagonism to Gaelic for which individuals among them have been so long distinguished. It is something like the case of a burglar who, to destroy all trace of the robbery, sets fire to the house.......”
To all of you the world oer “ Bliadhna Math Ur!!” , “A gid Ne’rdy tae awe!!”

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