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End London Rule

Friday, 26 November 2010

Your view

Received this from one of our readers.....

For as long as one hundred of us remain alive we will never submit to British rule...a modern change to the declaration of Arbroath, as ten or so patriots who will not submit to British rule gathered at the Labour party conference In Oban, a message was sent to the Unionist Labour members that we will never give in and to End London Rule!
As well as the End London Rule Banner, two signs gave a clear message at what the Labour party is all about, they read:
It’s time for the Scottish people to realise that independence is the only way forward for our country, people argue that being part of the bigger union is better, you only have to look at the financially mess the bigger country is in, our revenues are propping up and being wasted by that bigger country, Scotland would hardly have been touched by the financial crisis and would have a similar GDP to the other rich countries in the world who were not affected rather than a minus GDP being part of the UK.
The oil revenue that has been sent to Westminster has now reached a staggering 500billion, this has been wasted and used to prop up a UK exchequer that would’ve went bankrupt in the 1980s if it wasn’t for the oil revenues!  There is still another 30 to 50 years of oil in the north sea and billions of barrels of more oil yet untapped off the north west of Scotland, there is potentially another £500billion and more there, let’s make sure that benefits an independent Scotland rather than a bankrupt Britain
That weekend was also around the time of the anniversary of the death of a great Scot Lord George Murray.  Murray was a general in the Highland Army during the 45 Rising, it is said in the Chevalier Johnstones memoirs that if Bonnie Prince Charlie had slept through the rising and left Murray in charge then he would’ve awoke to being King of Scotland.  Murray led the Army to victory at Prestonpans and Falkirk, his advice of not fighting at Culloden because of the ground was ignored, after the rising he lived and died in Medemblik in the Netherlands, never to set foot on his home soil again.

More on this opinion of the Jacobite General; Lord George Murray to follow.........

Keep up the good work...Free Scotland.

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