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End London Rule

Saturday, 31 July 2010


We have had a busy time during these days of political shenanigans, as the British attempt to stand side by side with those in the USA over the Lockerbie bombing and the Gulf oil spill. One tends to lose sight of the suffering of those involved when the Pan Am flight was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie all those years ago, especially when the British media look to a scapegoat in the Scottish Government to appease their standing in the USA. Cameron standing shoulder to shoulder with Obama and accusing the Scottish Government of wrong doing in the compassionate release of the only person convicted criminally in the Scottish Courts was laughable. We take nothing away from the despicable event that was Lockerbie. The unfortunate aspect is, that those in the bigger game of politics and International affairs know full well the truth of that night, yet deals can be done in the deserts of Libya by the British which smack of the underhandedness of those despised in Scotland for centuries. We remember the suffering of those families that lost loved ones that night and that’s what matters the most. Not political games and certainly not political games played in London.

From this small piece of cyber land, and no matter what is said in London or Washington, our hearts are with those who suffered in what was a tragic event in the history of our proud Nation.

Our proud Nation has had its fair share of suffering over the years and we remember this in many ways through reminders of many historical events. June and July, the heights of summer are well known in Scotland for this remembrance. The Battle of Bannockburn; 23rd/24th June 1314. The Battle of Falkirk 22nd July 1298, The Battle of Killiecrankie 27th of July 1689. We even have our own 9/11 in The Battle of Stirling Bridge, 11th of September 1297.

And there are many more. And what is the common theme?

english overlordship and London Rule!

You cannot hide fact from history and we can quote an english monarch, Edward IV here in a letter written to the Pope on the 20th May 1481 in response to his unavailability in leading a crusade against the Turks.

“We cannot abstain from asserting our primeval right (of overlordship), left dormant for a while for the sake of foreign affairs.....For these reasons, we lead in person to Scotland, in the course of this summer, our army lately raised and so immensely burdensome to ourselves and to our subjects”
The ending of english overlordship is the ending of British Rule in Scotland.......

Scotland is Not British!!

And if you’re thinking well where does that leave Killecrankie? the english invited William Prince of Orange to London. The english based in London used this King William to assert its overlordship once again by making all British. We wonder if Longshanks looked on with envy. A pity that we were left with only the nobility that was Jacobitism to keep the embers of Nationhood alive. If only we had heeded more of the vision of Fletcher of Saltoun we may have avoided the dressing up that was english overlordship in London Rule.

We leave you with some words from the Battle of Killiecrankie........

Hur skipt about, her lept about,

And flang amang them a’ man;

The english blades got broken heads,

There cowns were cleaved cleav’d in twa, then,

The dirk and door made their last hour.

And prov’dtheir final fa’, man;

They thought the devil had been there.

They play’d them sic and paw, then..........

And from John Graham of Claverhouse to his men before battle;

“Behave yourselves, therefore like true Scotchmen; and let us, by this action, redeem the credit of this Nation that is laid low by the treacheries and cowardice of some of our countrymen;”

“Oh for one hour of Dundee” (Glenbucket, shortly after the Battle of Sheriffmuir, 1715) 

And from the dying words of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun in 1716 " Lord have mercy on my poor Countrey that is so barbarously oppressed" 

OH TO END LONDON RULE..............2010


  1. michael deimel / Germany12 December 2011 at 10:11

    Dear scotish friends!
    Scotland is not Britian!
    Greetings to our celtic-friends in scotland
    from Germany!
    The Germans like the scotish and irish people very
    God bless an free scotland and an free and united
    From Germany with love to our celitc friends!

  2. michael deimel / Germany12 December 2011 at 10:22

    Dear scotish friends!
    Greetings from Germany to our celtic friends in scotland and ireland!
    Scotland and ireland are not british!
    The germans like the scots and the irish very much!
    Good luck for your independence-process apart from
    From Germany to ireland and scotland with love!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Michael!
    We certainly are not British and I hope you can spread the word in Germany. Let the world know that Scotland will flourish as an Independent nation once again.
    Alles Gute!

  4. Hello!
    I was born in Portugal but my family is Scottish, we're from clan Rollo. I'm following the Referendum and I only pity I can't vote.
    I've been spreading the word in Portugal, and also on my website:

    Keep campaigning, I'm doing the same here!
    Saor Alba!