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Monday, 7 June 2010

Wake Up Scotland......

This week we start with some words e-mailed to us from a member of our younger generation:

“Would you give your next door neighbour all your money in return for a small percentage of that each month.. Maybe a wee bit more if you begged enough? Would you bow down and let him voice your opinions for you? Would you give him whatever he asked for.. Including all your resources and the use of space in your house... to store his illegal weapons and random waste? Would you go and fight the people he didn't agree with when he told you to? Would you let him take away the way you speak and rid you of your traditions? Would you watch whatever he told you to watch on TV. and only listen to the news he wants u to hear? Would you fight with and disagree with your own family because you believe what he tells you to believe and would you rid yourself of all your pride and sense of identity for him? WAKE UP SCOTLAND!!”
So why does Scotland, a once independent nation, have a constitution now entrenched within the walls of our neighbour's capital city? We may occupy one island but the communities on this island are far from similar. We have already pointed out why there is a border. What is kept from our youth in historical teaching is the hard fact that cross-border warfare between Scotland and our neighbour did not stop after Bannockburn in 1314. The English still occupied important strategic parts of Southern Scotland long after The Bruce died. Had Scotland refused the Act of Union settlement in 1707 there would have been further warfare. Not just a number of Jacobite risings on the whim of foreign royalty but a full-scale obliteration by force of 'Scotland the Nation'.

The clever thing about the emergence of Britishness through the empire building years following the Act of Union was the attempted systematic removal of 'Scotland the Nation' by destroying the cultures that made up that very thing. By playing on the religious divides, they manipulated our internal divisions to ensure that we would never be united as one voice. By feeding this division they were able to keep the Protestant vs. Catholic problem alive in the lower classes of our society. This was not just applicable to Scotland but in Ireland the creation of a famine in the early 19th century and the drive of mass emigration ensured that religious divisions could be spread among areas of Irish settlement in Scotland.

The problems caused by division are still apparent to this day and through the use of 'party politics' based on the Westminster System of Political Parties it is not just religion that causes them. The whole set up of Scotland’s devolved parliament is based on the Westminster system and to listen to the antics of First Ministers Questions one wonders what it achieves other than to create division and disharmony. The voting system is set up in such a way that political entities such as the Labour Party can control most of how Scotland can be governed. This allows the divisions to be festered within the working classes so that policies of the parties become the fighting grounds, irrespective of the needs of the people. Scotland will only gain its right as an independent nation via the vote of the people and as long as those divisions fester Scotland will never awaken and achieve its rightful standing.

The e-mail from our younger reader makes a simple statement. "Wake up Scotland!!" How true does that ring??

Scotland you have another chance in 2011......

There were many aspects of the divide and conquer tactics of the British in London following the Act of Union and most are kept out of school books. You have all heard of the stealing of the so called Stone of Destiny by Edward the first of England. It’s been written about on this blog as well. But what of the other artefacts? One must feel sympathy with the Egyptians with many of their ancient treasures on display all over the world, many taken without permission.

What of Scotland’s?

The history books at school will not tell you of the William Wallace safe conduct letter, kept in a drawer in an English National Archive. Scotland wants it back!

They will not tell you about the Book of Deer, a tenth century Gaelic manuscript of national importance to the Gaelic language and culture, its earliest written record and held in Cambridge University since 1716. It formed part of a collection of a bibliomaniac known as John Moore, Bishop of Ely. The collection was gifted to Cambridge by the Hanoverian George 1st for loyalty during the 1715 Jacobite Rising. Scotland wants it back!

They will not tell you of the fate of the body of James IV King of Scots after Flodden. Taken South to some monastery never to be seen again. They will not tell you that his ring, dagger and sword are displayed in London’s College of Arms as spoils of War. Scotland wants them back!

There are many other artefacts, books, manuscripts that are all held south of the border in a foreign land. Some taken as plunder, spoils of war and some like that of the Egyptians, trophies to display in so called British museums in London like the Lewis Chessmen, many miles from where they were found, to be seen only by those unfortunate to visit such a city, their presence a mark of the vanity of the collectors.

So there we have it. Only when the teaching in our schools mirrors the facts from our history will our youth get the chance to make up their own minds. Keep it from them and only the few will seek it out. Scotland is blessed still with the One Hundred and these flames of the truth will never be extinguished. Scotland can be an Independent Nation and don’t anyone tell you that we cannot afford it!!!!! It’s Unionist, British propaganda.

Wake Up Scotland!!!


And as we went to press; Spotted by a reader in Inbhir Ghordain, (Invergordon)



  1. I wholeheartedly agree with everything written in this blog!!

    It is time for the people of Scotland to wake up!!!

    "The bluebell of Scotland is hanging her head.. The lion once rampant is lying like dead..They grieve for their country whose courage has fled..Far awa' tae the back of Schiehallion
    God speed the day when the Scot's shall awake! The fetters of England to crack and to break.. and stand by that freedom, their birthright to take.. Here's a health tae the back of Schiehallion"

  2. did someone put up a banner at invergordon train station saying end london rule i was so happy when i saw that

  3. Yes Rory it cheered us up as well when we heard about it. In fact we were sent a photo of it. Hope that it gives you the inspiration to spread the word around Invergordon yourself.

    Glad you found us....

    Free Scotland

  4. How many more lies can westminster get away with in this day of the internet the truth must go viral it must be shouted from the roof tops Scotland must get her freedom and then her people can enjoy the fruits of her bounty