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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Alistair Hulett

Over the years there have been some great Scottish folk artists and some great songs written about our struggle as a Nation and about our heroes who fought and died for our freedom.

There have been mainstream artists such as The Corries and Gaberlunzie who sing about the English oppression of Scotland and the struggle which we still face today but over the past couple of years I have come across a singer/songwriter called Alistair Hulett. Alistair was born in Glasgow but he spent many years in Australia. He was the Lead singer of an Australian celtic folk/punk band called Roaring Jack which he helped form in 1985, they went on to support bands like The Pogues and Billy Bragg. They split up in 1992 and Alistair went on to a very successful solo career back here in Scotland. Alistair's songs stand apart though, as he sings of the modern day problems.. one of which being the sectarianism which hangs over our Nation. This Sectarianism could easily be erradicated through proper education but it is has been used by "Britain" to Divide and Conquer over Scotland and Ireland for the past century.

Here's an old Roaring Jack song called "The old divide and rule"


Here is another song of Alistair's featuring Jimmy Gregory.. It's called Among Proddy Dogs and Papes. It is also about the problem of Sectarianism and how it's our own people who are currently letting their ancestors and heroes down, by beleiving what the Brits tell us to believe and by bickering amongst each other over religions that we don't even act on.

Unfortunately Alistair Hulett passed away in January this year.. his work will not be forgotten, he was a true Scotsman and his words were true and striking as well as inspirational! He wrote of the Apathy of our present day Scotland.. the apathy of the people who are yet to recognise that they are indeed Scottish and NOT British!
I don't understand how any Scots person can be pro-union minded. I guess they just listen to the lies from the biased unionist media and along which being comfortable with their day to day lives and putting up with being second class citizens, this isn't good for Scotland's future as a Nation. Our mission is to get these people to step out of their comfort zone and realise that they're being lied to on a daily basis and their once proud and free Nation is being used and abused by it's neighbouring country. If only they knew what happened to their ancestors over the centuries and if only they realised how much their nation could prosper if it were to take up it's rightful place as an independent country on the international stage.. then maybe we would get somewhere. It is every patriot of Scotland's job to work towards this. We need to End this London Rule!!

There are many of his songs on youtube and you can buy his cd's from the website at

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