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End London Rule

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Westminster Circus continues and “The Struggle Goes On”!!

The sham that is British politics has given most of us a laugh, like performing clowns of a circus minus the costumes. Prior to the election to england’s parliament we were greeted to a constant barrage of media coverage. So called leadership debates similar to that in the USA where their constitution allows for presidential elections and Britain’s for the election of political parties. Do we now have Presidents to elect? Our best chance of Independence through the ballot box is the Scottish National Party, however, faced with the dirty negative campaign of the North British Labour Party the electorate of Scotland was scared into voting to avoid Tory rule by turning to the status quo. Little has changed since the last World War….more on that to come.

How can a political party in Scotland manage to roll out just over a million votes on the back of shamed MP’s and an expenses scandal that rocked the nation? One simple answer, Tory Rule……Scotland will never accept a return to the Thatcher era but put simply it makes no difference how Scotland votes, england decides. Out of the 3 North British Parties in Scotland that with just 1 member of the circus will now govern the land.

So there we have it Tory Rule……And we are now preparing to face the wrath of england’s Tories, Prepare for Tory cuts and the return of the Thatcherites!

The good thing coming out of all this is the deep divisions we have spoken about over many months that exist between Scotland and the nation South of the border with over 500 members of the Westminster circus. If anything can be taken as positive then this is it and surely the North British section of the Liebour party must open their eyes and see this. To avoid Tory rule in Scotland we must End London Rule. We have a Parliament in Scotland that follows the mould set by the Westminster Circus. We have the same clowns buoyed by their Westminster buddies and jobs for the boys. Surely now is the time to grasp the thistle and have real change in Scotland.

So what of the so called North British voter…..? Do you live in Kirkcaldy are you one of the 29 and half thousand who voted for Gordon Brown. The very same Gordon Brown who once remarked, “ My vision of Socialism is the ideals of 1945”

Mr. Brown is this your vision of Kirkcaldy in 2010? or is it 1945?

With our Nations elections coming up in 2011 it’s now time for those that can achieve this change as a Political Party to stand and be counted. Time for the Scottish National Party to get the gloves off. Time for The Scottish National Party to stop being part of the same Westminster Circus as the rest of the North British Clowns. Time for The Scottish National Party to put a bit of fire into the belly of Scottish politics and get the main reason for your being out into the open. Independence, End London Rule. Now is as good a chance as any and rest assured Freedom has not been put too sleep……The Struggle Goes On!!

Is this a bomb site?

Factories falling apart


Businesses closed down

Old Mrs MacDuff walking past her boarded up Bingo Hall. Did she shout "HOUSE" in the early hours of Friday, May the 7th when you were re-elected

Does old Mrs. MacDuff live here in Kirkcaldy? In the thick of Social depravation. Her windows boarded up, her neighbours, junkies, smack heads, benefit cheats?

Is this the face of Scotland under those elected to represent the Westminster Circus? Is this the face of Socialism in the year 2010 or is this Gordon Browns ideal of 1945?

Time to End London Rule

Time to Fly the Saltire High

This fight will continue....

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