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End London Rule

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The spirit in the soul can never be broken

You can remove material possessions, artifacts, historical records so called spoils of war, you can even try and replace a Nations name with North Britain or eradicate a language move its people to the very ends of the earth, destroy a culture but you will never break the spirit that’s in a Nations soul.

This weeks post is dedicated to the fine work of the Am Bhuidheann Dubh showing the very spirit in that soul.

In days of old the chief’s bard would recite deeds of heroism that epitomised the culture of the Gael. The spoken word was revered in the social bonding of the people of the Ghaidhealtachd.

In this dedication we start with a few words from Am Bhuidheann Duhb’s own bard…………………………..

Ged urramach an fheadhainn ciùin,

'S e feadhainn a thig 's a thèid maraon,

A dh' àrdaicheas dùthaich os cionn

A' mheadhanachd,

Ar n-ionnanachd,

Gun choimeas ach gun dìon

Nan toirear sùil air uillt nan glinn,

Air cladach geal nan clachan mìn',

Cum cluas ri claisneachd, guthan binn'

'S iad innse dhuinn,

Mas deònach sinn,

Gur breamas feum ar linn

Ar lèirsinn fhèin 's ann oirnne dhìth,

Ar beul-chainnt uasal siubhal a bith,

O Lunainn thàinig tràilleachd dhì,

Ach greim a' chograich,

Gu bràth 's e fògraicht',

'San àm sin gheibhear sìth.
Before you read the translation, listen to the spoken word.....

Though honourable the gentle ones,

It's those who will come and will go as one,

Shall raise a country up above


Our identity,

Without equal, but without guard

If eye is cast on the brooks of the glens,

On the white shore of the smooth stones,

Keep an ear to hear, sweet voices

As they tell us

If willing are we,

That mischief is the need of our age

Our own vision, tis that we lack,

Our noble speech travels from being,

From London came her slavery,

But the grip of the stranger,

For ever exiled,

Tis in that time peace will be found

Beannachd leat

This message from the soul can be seen throughout in answer to London’s slavery.

The amount of Saltire boards being spotted all over Scotland in response to the Saltire’s everywhere campaign is heartening.

And more of the End London Rule message

So what do you do with scrap plywood, estate agent For Sale signs, blue and white paint, traffic cones from the roadside "nae cash and carry", 2 x 2 timber and postcrete……??

More next week

With only a week left of the online petition for the return of the William Wallace safe conduct letter we would urge all readers worldwide to sign and help us return this important artifact to Scotland so that Scots can see it displayed in Scotland. At the moment its kept in a foreign land as a "spoil of war"

Please sign here


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