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End London Rule

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A british election but SCOTLAND has spoken

On the day that the british have their general election, this week’s blog comes to you via Na h-eileanan an Iar where banners of protest have been spotted. These in response to the huge display of vote Liebour placards seen throughout. Not much more can be said about this british election as its media coverage has been relentless. No need for the proof that Westminster controls the media we see in Scotland and the coverage of this election says it all. The deviousness and corruption of british Party Politics is there for all to see and hopefully we have assisted in opening the eyes of the people of Scotland. We promote a non party political message which is simple, End London Rule. Give Scotland back to the people who live there and leave the Westminster machine to those who partake in the Party Political messages of deviousness and corruption.

To those all over the world who have taken the time to look in here a huge Welcome, Failte, to the USA, Eire, Ulster, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, India, Belgium, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, France, South Africa, Italy, Bulgaria, Brazil, Turkey too name but a few we hope that you can also pass on Scotland’s message of protest. Our small nation extends our hand of friendship the world oer and hope you find something of interest here that tells you that Freedom has not been put to sleep and the spirit of William Wallace lives on.

Is that a message proclaiming END LONDON RULE

No mistaking this message


Its here that Islands have been known to grow Saltires

And even trees grow Saltires!!

Spotted in the US of A. Liberty "STANDS" for Freedom and Scotland’s Freedom is proclaimed. FREE SCOTLAND…..

Our friends at the Am Bhuidheann Dubh have also been busy and e-mailed us this report.

Madainn mhath a' chairdean, last night was another busy, busy night for the Black Gang, taking in

the major seats of Glaschu east, and Glaschu south...

First up they paid a visit to the BBC, to show the message, opposite the entrance :-

It was then off on a wee tour of the Soo-side o Gleska, for a wee bit of "banners up" :-

And for the sick and the needy at the Vicky hoaspital, the patriot lines are clear :-

Don't tell the Polis, but the Black Gang are in the house :-

Then it was over to the east end, and Budhill was as good a spot as any :-

The it was down to the offices of that quisling Curran, who has been missing in action during the

entire campaign, and this is now a famous local image, by all accounts :-

And to finish off, Egypt has the pyramids, New York has the Eifel Tower, well we have a big mad

Wire horse dude, and so this has to be the iconic image of the night, and if you pass it on the M8

mind and give yer horn a wee toot-toot, cos the unionists won't let it sit there for long, of that

we can be very, very sure, but hauf an oor, and we've won a watch, anybody seen it yet :-

There was a helluva load more banners, signs, and beers, but the "look at me - look at me" camera

has more to do than simply report back, and in many ways, grass on what the Black Gang'sters

have been up to...

There has also been some wee 'tribute' videos put up on YouTube, about the Black Gang:



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