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End London Rule

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The spirit in the soul can never be broken

You can remove material possessions, artifacts, historical records so called spoils of war, you can even try and replace a Nations name with North Britain or eradicate a language move its people to the very ends of the earth, destroy a culture but you will never break the spirit that’s in a Nations soul.

This weeks post is dedicated to the fine work of the Am Bhuidheann Dubh showing the very spirit in that soul.

In days of old the chief’s bard would recite deeds of heroism that epitomised the culture of the Gael. The spoken word was revered in the social bonding of the people of the Ghaidhealtachd.

In this dedication we start with a few words from Am Bhuidheann Duhb’s own bard…………………………..

Ged urramach an fheadhainn ciùin,

'S e feadhainn a thig 's a thèid maraon,

A dh' àrdaicheas dùthaich os cionn

A' mheadhanachd,

Ar n-ionnanachd,

Gun choimeas ach gun dìon

Nan toirear sùil air uillt nan glinn,

Air cladach geal nan clachan mìn',

Cum cluas ri claisneachd, guthan binn'

'S iad innse dhuinn,

Mas deònach sinn,

Gur breamas feum ar linn

Ar lèirsinn fhèin 's ann oirnne dhìth,

Ar beul-chainnt uasal siubhal a bith,

O Lunainn thàinig tràilleachd dhì,

Ach greim a' chograich,

Gu bràth 's e fògraicht',

'San àm sin gheibhear sìth.
Before you read the translation, listen to the spoken word.....

Though honourable the gentle ones,

It's those who will come and will go as one,

Shall raise a country up above


Our identity,

Without equal, but without guard

If eye is cast on the brooks of the glens,

On the white shore of the smooth stones,

Keep an ear to hear, sweet voices

As they tell us

If willing are we,

That mischief is the need of our age

Our own vision, tis that we lack,

Our noble speech travels from being,

From London came her slavery,

But the grip of the stranger,

For ever exiled,

Tis in that time peace will be found

Beannachd leat

This message from the soul can be seen throughout in answer to London’s slavery.

The amount of Saltire boards being spotted all over Scotland in response to the Saltire’s everywhere campaign is heartening.

And more of the End London Rule message

So what do you do with scrap plywood, estate agent For Sale signs, blue and white paint, traffic cones from the roadside "nae cash and carry", 2 x 2 timber and postcrete……??

More next week

With only a week left of the online petition for the return of the William Wallace safe conduct letter we would urge all readers worldwide to sign and help us return this important artifact to Scotland so that Scots can see it displayed in Scotland. At the moment its kept in a foreign land as a "spoil of war"

Please sign here


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fortified Scotland; An occupied Nation 17th-18th-19th-20th or 21st centuries?

Watching the recent furor over the appointments to the new British government it was interesting to see the clamber of the Lib-Dem, North British members for seats on the new cabinet. With Scotland now literally CON-DEM ed to a possible 5 years of this version of english Tory rule was it not strange how the first place visited by the new leaders after the Scottish Parliament was Fort George??

At Fort George, not far from the field where many of his name lie buried stood the english Tory leader, Cameron flanked by the new King of occupied Scotland, the liberal Danny Alexander. Oh how those of his name must have turned in their mass grave on Drumossie Moor seeing David Cameron at the gates to the bastion of Hanoverian occupation. What was the reason for choosing Fort George? A visit to newly returned troops from Afghanistan or a reminder to the rest of Scotland that Britannia rules the roost, the British flag flies from the gates of Fort George and in the words of David Cameron, “I will fight to protect this Union”.

A look at the 17th and 18th century maps of Scotland and you could be forgiven to think that you were on some frontier with similarities to the fought over North America of that era.. Military roads (still in existence), Fortifications (still in existence), Barracks (still in existence), Towns named after Fortifications, (still in existence, FOR HOW MUCH LONGER?).

Take a look at the military section on the NLS mapping website.

Type in Forts and search…

How many times do you read the words North British?

Lets list some of them…….there are loads..

Not many left from the 1650’s Cromwell english occupation and some of these were re-developed. But there are many reminders of fortifications, Cromwell Street in Stornoway, or Road in Inverness, The Cromwell fort in Perth was re-fortified by the Jacobites. The medieval castle and settlement at Inverlochy became An Gearasdan, the garrison begun by Cromwell and named Fort William after the Dutch King William, the settlement named Maryburgh after his wife following the Jacobite rising of 1689. Go into Morrisons supermaket near what’s left of An Gearasdan and you will find a tiled map of the fortification with the Jacobite gun positions of 1745 discretely kept out of the way. Fort Charlotte in the Shetland isles ironically was built to defend the North against the Dutch. The english were to keep troops stationed in Scotland long after the end of Cromwell’s Commonwealth. Servants of London’s monarchs. (nothings changed!)

The map of An Gearasdan on the inside wall of Morrisons Supermarket showing the Jacobite gun positions.

The later risings spawned more fortifications and a linking network of roads. Bernera Barracks near Glenelg. Its ruins still to be seen. Ruthven in Badenoch, Inversnaid near Loch Lomond in the heart of MacGregor country with only a segment of wall left as a reminder today. Killichymen or Cill Chuimein near the old medieval motte of Abertarff. To be named Fort Augustus after the prince, William Augustus known better as the Duke of Cumberland, The Butcher. There are apparently over 30 known fortifications from this period. More to be added following the last Jacobite rising with Cumberland building a fortification in Aberdeen in 1746. Then we come to one of the mightiest fortress built in Europe. Fort George. Situated at the entrance to the Moray Firth. During its construction after the last Jacobite rising it had to be guarded by a force of over 1000 men.

It remains today as a reminder to all of British occupation……..Step inside David Cameron and Danny Alexander…….

The 19th century saw the rise of the so called Radical’s. In 1820 stationed troops were used to suppress those in Scotland who had the return of Scotland’s Parliament as one of their aims. By the 20th century english troops are once again deployed in Scotland following the Battle of George Square in 1919, english guns were deployed from the windows of Glasgow’s North British Hotel (now the Millennium) among many other places and Scottish soldiers confined to barracks in the fear that they would join the rising.

The irony of the 1919 rising is that Britain had the last Liberal PM in David Lloyd George (yes George!!!) his Liberal Government were in coalition with the Conservatives (surprised?). The rising in Scotland was quelled in George (yes George!) Square and today in 21st century Scotland, David Cameron appears at the gates of Fort… yes George…

Maybe this is an omen for what is to come…Could there be revolution in the air and the Scottish Socialist legacy of MacLean, Shinwell and Gallacher will finally throw of the stigma that is the North British Labour Party by becoming truly Scottish and honour the spirit of these Red Clydesiders…??

Time will tell…. the End London Rule message continues to be seen. To the anonymous comment made recently on this blog on the merits of this End London Rule message.. A simple answer...Our ancestors spilled blood in this fight………to quote Jim Sillars in a recent interview, “My complaint against the leadership of the SNP is that they don’t understand that independence is a hard choice that can only be made by people who are hardened”

Correspondence received from our fellow Patriots in the USA;

Support from some well known faces

And from

Telebhisean Naiseanta na h-Alba; Scottish Nationalist Television

Several years ago (10 or so) we did a boycott London, fly direct to Scotland with AA and Continental campaign. It is estimated, in round numbers, we had over 40,000 travelers going to a London gateway change their plans. Not many I grant you BUT....

1: Most Trans Atlantic flights arrive between 06:00 and 09:00 local time ( 23:00 to 02:00 New York time)

If no hotel is used and the passenger flies a connection right to Scotland they will each create a minimal contribution to London's economy of well over 100 pound.

Total minimum value = 40,000 X 100 pound = 4,000,000 pound

2: Most Trans Atlantic flights depart UK between noon and 15:00.

This means it is much more convenient to leave Scotland the day before departure and stay the night in London. The night in London is often a promotional point to sell tours.

Traveler arrives London 16:00 day before departure.

Hotel 150 pound, Taxi to and from airport and round city 100 pound. Late meal/dinner 25 pound, breakfast 10 pound, lunch with,a half pint 20 pound.

250 + 55 = 305 pound X 40,000 = 12,200,000 pound plus 4,000,000 = 16,200,000

Can this level of protest be repeated by Patriots all over the world who travel to Scotland?

And from another fellow Patriot….

On going to press we received some news of a cultural protest in Glasgow. Banners in Gaelic have been spotted throughout the city……More on this to follow next week….

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Westminster Circus continues and “The Struggle Goes On”!!

The sham that is British politics has given most of us a laugh, like performing clowns of a circus minus the costumes. Prior to the election to england’s parliament we were greeted to a constant barrage of media coverage. So called leadership debates similar to that in the USA where their constitution allows for presidential elections and Britain’s for the election of political parties. Do we now have Presidents to elect? Our best chance of Independence through the ballot box is the Scottish National Party, however, faced with the dirty negative campaign of the North British Labour Party the electorate of Scotland was scared into voting to avoid Tory rule by turning to the status quo. Little has changed since the last World War….more on that to come.

How can a political party in Scotland manage to roll out just over a million votes on the back of shamed MP’s and an expenses scandal that rocked the nation? One simple answer, Tory Rule……Scotland will never accept a return to the Thatcher era but put simply it makes no difference how Scotland votes, england decides. Out of the 3 North British Parties in Scotland that with just 1 member of the circus will now govern the land.

So there we have it Tory Rule……And we are now preparing to face the wrath of england’s Tories, Prepare for Tory cuts and the return of the Thatcherites!

The good thing coming out of all this is the deep divisions we have spoken about over many months that exist between Scotland and the nation South of the border with over 500 members of the Westminster circus. If anything can be taken as positive then this is it and surely the North British section of the Liebour party must open their eyes and see this. To avoid Tory rule in Scotland we must End London Rule. We have a Parliament in Scotland that follows the mould set by the Westminster Circus. We have the same clowns buoyed by their Westminster buddies and jobs for the boys. Surely now is the time to grasp the thistle and have real change in Scotland.

So what of the so called North British voter…..? Do you live in Kirkcaldy are you one of the 29 and half thousand who voted for Gordon Brown. The very same Gordon Brown who once remarked, “ My vision of Socialism is the ideals of 1945”

Mr. Brown is this your vision of Kirkcaldy in 2010? or is it 1945?

With our Nations elections coming up in 2011 it’s now time for those that can achieve this change as a Political Party to stand and be counted. Time for the Scottish National Party to get the gloves off. Time for The Scottish National Party to stop being part of the same Westminster Circus as the rest of the North British Clowns. Time for The Scottish National Party to put a bit of fire into the belly of Scottish politics and get the main reason for your being out into the open. Independence, End London Rule. Now is as good a chance as any and rest assured Freedom has not been put too sleep……The Struggle Goes On!!

Is this a bomb site?

Factories falling apart


Businesses closed down

Old Mrs MacDuff walking past her boarded up Bingo Hall. Did she shout "HOUSE" in the early hours of Friday, May the 7th when you were re-elected

Does old Mrs. MacDuff live here in Kirkcaldy? In the thick of Social depravation. Her windows boarded up, her neighbours, junkies, smack heads, benefit cheats?

Is this the face of Scotland under those elected to represent the Westminster Circus? Is this the face of Socialism in the year 2010 or is this Gordon Browns ideal of 1945?

Time to End London Rule

Time to Fly the Saltire High

This fight will continue....

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A british election but SCOTLAND has spoken

On the day that the british have their general election, this week’s blog comes to you via Na h-eileanan an Iar where banners of protest have been spotted. These in response to the huge display of vote Liebour placards seen throughout. Not much more can be said about this british election as its media coverage has been relentless. No need for the proof that Westminster controls the media we see in Scotland and the coverage of this election says it all. The deviousness and corruption of british Party Politics is there for all to see and hopefully we have assisted in opening the eyes of the people of Scotland. We promote a non party political message which is simple, End London Rule. Give Scotland back to the people who live there and leave the Westminster machine to those who partake in the Party Political messages of deviousness and corruption.

To those all over the world who have taken the time to look in here a huge Welcome, Failte, to the USA, Eire, Ulster, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, India, Belgium, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, France, South Africa, Italy, Bulgaria, Brazil, Turkey too name but a few we hope that you can also pass on Scotland’s message of protest. Our small nation extends our hand of friendship the world oer and hope you find something of interest here that tells you that Freedom has not been put to sleep and the spirit of William Wallace lives on.

Is that a message proclaiming END LONDON RULE

No mistaking this message


Its here that Islands have been known to grow Saltires

And even trees grow Saltires!!

Spotted in the US of A. Liberty "STANDS" for Freedom and Scotland’s Freedom is proclaimed. FREE SCOTLAND…..

Our friends at the Am Bhuidheann Dubh have also been busy and e-mailed us this report.

Madainn mhath a' chairdean, last night was another busy, busy night for the Black Gang, taking in

the major seats of Glaschu east, and Glaschu south...

First up they paid a visit to the BBC, to show the message, opposite the entrance :-

It was then off on a wee tour of the Soo-side o Gleska, for a wee bit of "banners up" :-

And for the sick and the needy at the Vicky hoaspital, the patriot lines are clear :-

Don't tell the Polis, but the Black Gang are in the house :-

Then it was over to the east end, and Budhill was as good a spot as any :-

The it was down to the offices of that quisling Curran, who has been missing in action during the

entire campaign, and this is now a famous local image, by all accounts :-

And to finish off, Egypt has the pyramids, New York has the Eifel Tower, well we have a big mad

Wire horse dude, and so this has to be the iconic image of the night, and if you pass it on the M8

mind and give yer horn a wee toot-toot, cos the unionists won't let it sit there for long, of that

we can be very, very sure, but hauf an oor, and we've won a watch, anybody seen it yet :-

There was a helluva load more banners, signs, and beers, but the "look at me - look at me" camera

has more to do than simply report back, and in many ways, grass on what the Black Gang'sters

have been up to...

There has also been some wee 'tribute' videos put up on YouTube, about the Black Gang: