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Monday, 26 April 2010

Son of Fortune...Nationhood!

For a few weeks we have touched on the reasons for Scottish Nationhood; A fight that’s been going on for over a thousand years. The evolutions of Nationalism. Give a nation a border you give it Nationalism. The fact that the term is coined allegedly in the 19th century as politic is enlightened by politics makes no odds to the fact that Scotland the Nation evolved over a thousand years from Alba the Nation. You can go back to the box theory by applying meanings to names. Nationhood; “The state or quality of having status as a separate Independent Nation” From around the 9th century to 1707 you could have applied the word Nationhood to a description of Scotland, Alba..

The birth of that Nationhood is now in the mists of time but its worth repeating a few lines from a not so well known hero of that 9th century beginnings. Kenneth MacAlpin you say?? No not Kenneth MacAlpin but the Son of Fortune, MacRath or to give him his full name Griogair mac Dhunghail or simply Giric. King of Alba from around the 870’s to the 890’s. Giric’s importance at the birth of Alba or Scotland the Nation is overshadowed a bit by Coinneach mac Ailpein or Kenneth MacAlpin in the history books. But Giric was a leader of some importance.

Anyone who has heard or read The Prophecy of Berchan may have heard of Giric. The Prophecy is a poem of major historical importance to the history of Alba, the Nation. Written initially by an Abbot, Berchan, probably in the 12th century it gives an insight into the creation of Alba the Nation and records the names and deeds of those leaders responsible. This piece from the Prophecy is very apt and to us sums up the fight that has taken place for over a thousand years…..

“the Son of Fortune shall come; he shall rule over Alba as one Lord

The Britons will be low in his time; high will be Alba of melodious boats.

Pleasant to my heart and my body is what my spirit tells me:

The rule of the Son of Fortune in his land in the east will cast misery from Scotland

Seventeen years (in fortress of valour) in the sovereignty of Scotland

He will have in bondage in his house Saxons, Foreigners, and Britons………
Ok so we are not advocating the slave trade or racsim but that last bit is of major importance historically. It distinguishes between the Britons and the new nation of Alba the unification of Scots and Picts. To this day we still distinguish between those who wish to be British and those that see Alba or Scotland as the Nation secure in its own Nationhood. Of course those that took England’s gold in 1707 gave no one else in Scotland the choice and to this day we are still denied that choice. The British have tried very hard to eradicate the spirit of Giric the Son of Fortune over many years.

Thankfully gone are the days of North Britishness.

Thankfully our schools are starting to put right the years of neglect in the teaching of our history and at last we can see the spirit of Giric rise once again.

At this point Its worth reminding ourselves for the avoidance of doubt a few statements relating to Nationalism as summarised.

All Mankind is divided into Nations: It is a natural division.

Each Nation has a peculiar character.

A Nation has a right to run its own affairs.


Nation states have the first claim on the loyalties of their members.

It was once said of Scotland;

“The vast majority of the people of Scotland recognise that Scotland is a Nation and that it should excersise privileges and responsibilities as other Nations do, through a Parliament entrusted with the sovereign rights of the people of Scotland”

Unfortunately the current devolved state comes a long way short of this mark and no matter what they say about Calman or anything else about diluted powers only one thing will bring the above to the people of Scotland and that’s Independence.

We recall on hearing the date of the announcement of this British, (London) election and thinking of its significance. “April the 6th”. A date that should be a National holiday in Scotland. A date when our Nationhood was reinforced by a statement to the known world of the time via the Declaration of Arbroath. Why did the British decide to announce their election on this date? You dilute any celebration of Scottish Nationhood by reminding them they are taking part in a British election…Without a history there can be no future........ We also recall hearing the furore from a certain clown of the North British circus that maths and physics school teacher Mr Iain Gray leader of the North British Labour Party, “Forget your 700 year old history this is the 21st century” Well Mr. Gray we hope you don’t blink as you pass your East Lothian border sign, birthplace of the Saltire, Scotland’s flag of Nationhood, Mr Gray….ITS TIME TO END LONDON RULE……Rise again the Sons of Fortune and let Scotland Prosper.


And we see at that bastion of so called devolution the message being displayed loud and clear for all to see....

The message has spread and photos are coming in from every part of Scotland.



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