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End London Rule

Monday, 19 April 2010

Oor Hills are over run with sheep; And (has??) Freedom been put too sleep!!!

Scotland has been fighting for its Freedom for over a thousand years? Aye think about that one. Scotland we say but in the context of a united country a Nation, therefore some more than others. Some though happy with the decisions of its masters. Modern day politics and movements make it easy to characterise people and put them into boxes. You’re a Jacobite, (naw am no!!) You’re a Republican, (Aye so whit) You’re a Nationalist (aye that’s an easy yin) You’re a Tory, a Socialist, a Communist in 17th century Scotland you could have been a Whig, you could have been a Covenanter a papist an Episcopalian a Jesuit. A Highlander, A Lowlander. In the 18th, 19th 20th and present day 21st centuries you could be a Proteststant a Catholic or just don’t give a f**ck So where does that put, I am Scottish and want to be a Scot?? Only one box to be in there! The more boxes to put people into the easier it is to divide and conquer them that famous tactic of the British state housed in its own Westminster box…

Last week we touched on the Battle of Culloden. A travesty, a pitched battle that should never have been. Did they not learn anything from our ancestors about pitched fights? There have been many Myths about the last pitched battle to be fought in Scotland and if you get a chance read Murray Pittocks excellent “Myths of the Jacobite clans” it lists many. One is… Did those who followed the Jacobite risings from 1689 to 1746 and beyond do so because they fought for their Nation? Their King? Both, or just simply because they were told too or even because they wanted too? Were they Nationalists? Go back to placing them into a box….Define Nationalism in 16th/17th century Scotland. Define it in Medieval Scotland.

The Jacobite risings came at a time when Scotland the Nation was at the edge of the abyss. We were slowly heading for provincial title something that had been worked on by those in the South who wanted it and resisted by those in Scotland who didn’t for many, many centuries. Jacobitism is often wrongly associated with the complete Stewart royal dynasty. Robert II to James VIII and his son. How wrong that is. If you were to read the life stories of Robert the second and even his son John, renamed Robert III. (There was something unlucky to medieval Scotland about the name John, something to do with a Toom Tabard, that people would not accept his as John the second, King of Scots) You would be amazed at the way in which the very notion of Scotland the emerging Independent Nation was zealously guarded. Robert II was a King at home North of the Scot water, a protector of the old ways. Robert III (sorry John) once the Earl of Carrick fought long and hard to clear the english once and for all from Southern Scotland. Some people think of the Battle of Bannockburn, The signing of The Declaration, The Battle of Byland as being the pinnacles of the fight. What many forget is that the english still held territory, castles and titles in Southern Scotland long into the late 14th century. It takes us back to the definition of a Nationalist. In 21st century Scotland it’s easy to place Nationalism in the political box. But this Nation has been fighting for its Nationhood a lot longer than the 21st century and the Jacobite Risings over 50 odd years a brief period of our History just happened to come along at a time when the fight in the bellies was slowly being extinguished…

Royalty, Landowners, The wealthy, The Church but what about the man in the street, the man in the field. Did he care about Scotland the Nation? I think he did. There is something about us Scots that makes us what we are. Different. We are not like the rest on this Island. We talk funny. And the rest….

The Romans gave us two walls The Romans gave us our border and that’s how long we have been fighting to keep it.

The birth of British nation brought about by the Union of the Crowns and yes another of those dammed Stewart’s this time the VI was the start of the provincial decline. If you get a chance look up the life of The Regent Morton. Regency started just after the abdication of Mary, a Regency with a close relationship with the english. It could even be argued that James the VI was groomed for the english crown by the childless Elizabeth and her advisers whose vision was one country ruled from London. The 25th of July1603 was the start of the end for Scotland not April the 16th 1746. Britishness started in 1603 and the London machine that provides our over lordship today was born. The British machine that built a romance from a failure in Bonnie Prince Charlie. A British machine that evicted thousands of people from all over Scotland, North and South. A British machine that invented Clans, Tartans, Shortbread tins and made millions in revenue from whisky. A British machine that extinguished the fighting spirit of the young men of Scotland by enlisting them to fight in their empire building. A British machine that emptied the glens handing them over to British landowners wealthy and unscrupulous not the (rebellious type) filling them with sheep. A British machine that grasped the industrial revolution and turned our major towns into slums and sweathouses rife with slave labour. And just when you thought it was great to be British after fighting in two world wars, Socialism brings you the welfare state and Scotland becomes the bastion of the Unionist Labour voter….

So has Freedom gone to sleep?? After over a thousand years I don’t think so. The old saying of the declaration. “So long as 100 of us Scots remain alive”

Get of your arse then and get out there and tell those that like sticking you in a box. Do you know what mate “I am a Scot, Scotland is my Nation and I want to see her prosper. I am “Scottish Not British”. Put your cross in St Andrews box on May the 6th and vote for those willing to put the people of Scotland first…….Scotland the Nation is your box!!!

Messages of support for the End London Rule protest can be seen all over Scotland. This one was spotted on the London Road in Edinburgh of all places. Yes that's right the Westminster Circus is in town..

Is that End London Rule we see?


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  2. Glad that you are enjoying what you read and let us know if we can help you with anything.

    So how is it that we approach this whole British thing from the Act of Union in 1707 because let me tell you its far from it. The schools will tell you that it began in 1707 and they will gloss around the edges.

    Take the regency of Morton for instance and the whole Queen Mary business in the late 16th century. The whole episode was part of a bigger plan. A united kingdom run and led by the english. Get rid of Scotland’s royalty, its connections to France, its links with catholisism. Capture its Queen, behead her and remove her line, then groom her infant son to be the new King of a British Kingdom. Of course by 1689 along come the Jacobites so new plotting is required culminating in The Act of Succession and The Act of Union. Keep the religious thing alive as it keeps them divided and there you have it. 21st century Scotland and we are still divided whether its religion or politics.

    When will we wake up to it??? We are the Nation. This is your land…....

  3. I had never heard of "end london rule" until I saw two bridges with graffiti with the words today in the NE of Scotland......not responsible and not a way to get a vote!

  4. Carson am bitheadh sibh 'g iarraidh a bhith "saor"? 'S e daoine tàireil a tha 's na h-Albannaich - tha sibh air a reic ur saorsa-se.