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End London Rule

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Election Fever

We are now in the grip of a London election campaign where the Labour Party claim that Scotland and how we vote is an irrevelance!! We might end up with a party leadership made up of either of the two British political Parties but the struggle will continue. Its hoped that in this London election those in Scotland will vote with Scotland in mind, not Westminster and certainly not for the corruption that is British Party politics. The Labour Party published its election manifesto yesterday and an interesting take on its front cover was noted and certainly applies to Scotland....

You make the choice on May the 6th. We know what we want and our message is certainly being dispalyed all over our Nation...END LONDON RULE...

A big thanks to some of our Friends in the USA who displayed this message at the recent Tartan Day celebrations....

Our friends at the Am Bhuidhean Dubh have targeted this message for this London Election.

To all thinking of voting Liebour, Tory or Lib Dum... Think of Scotland and your part in our Nation, Target this message and End the 303 year sham that is London Rule...

To our media take heed of this message......your days of reporting bias are numbered....

Our youth have displayed the message and we can play a big part in their future in this election......A big thanks to the Youth section of Am Bhuidhean Dubh.....Fluffy slippers and all.. 

As the message spreads no town is spared...not even the Dewartown..What would Donald think of this message..I wonder.

Our Temples are Scotland's Temples....

Our road signs are Scotlands signs.....

You decide come May the 6th.. Scotland your Nation deserves your vote Not Westminster, Not London and NOT BRITISH!!!!!!!

Last week we spoke of the press surrounding the placement of a memorial to the Hanoverian dead at Drumossie Moor. An interesting letter appeared in The Herald worth repeating..

Never forgive the Redcoats

I was disappointed by last Sunday’s essay (Why we should honour the Redcoats, Opinion, March 28.) Trevor Royle broached a controversial subject and then steered clear. His arguments were based on First World War examples and a plea from Hamish Henderson against the “villainy of hatred”. Put simply, the camaraderie and forgiveness of soldiers across the trenches does not equate. Jacobite soldiers were mutilated as they lay injured. Hardly noble soldiering! Likewise, a wide berth is given to the pillaging of the Highlands (loyal and rebel alike) that followed the battle from these proposed, honoured “guardians of the nation state”. I mean no ill to soldiers but I do not ignore their role either. Noble soldiering is fine but I will wear no remembrance to Earl Haig, support no monument to the Luftwaffe in Coventry or Guernica and that is why I cannot support this proposal.

Mr Royle is right that there is no room for bitterness or hatred. There is no room either for phoney forgiveness, especially one that is politically motivated. To my recollection, the Black Watch did not carry Culloden on their battle honours. So, why does Trevor Royle truly want to rehabilitate the memory of the Redcoats?

Culloden is one of those things that cannot be explained away. It is so complex. Of course it was no Scotland versus England affair, but those who glibly point this out have to do better in their explanation. A civil war – Scottish or British? A mere dynastic struggle. Then why focus on Scotland? It is certainly true that one side fought under the new, ascendant Union flag and one fought under the Saltire of the Appin Stewarts. The political aspect is written out of history, namely the fight for “Scotland and No Union!” The Regiment of Scotland may recruit as the “real tartan army” but their antecedents are so different. It is merely part of an appropriation of Highland/Scottish identity that has gone on since Culloden and perpetrated by those who tried to smash that identity.
So, when Trevor Royle talks about “we Brits”, it is highly revealing. Because there is a nationalist identity in Scotland that is not British and that won’t forget. Some of the first blood spilled on the Butcher’s Apron was spilled at Culloden Moor. That is why I cannot forgive or forget even after 260 years. If you don’t believe me then go and stand on that eerie moor itself. You won’t forgive the Redcoats either! (Gerry Cairns, Glasgow)

Would you support the placing of a Nazi memorial at Auschwitz??

And to those who knock the Gaelic Language in recent letters to the newspapers another quote taken from a reply is worth repeating in Gaelic....

Gaelic is being promoted, rather than suppressed. Enjoy its riches:
“Togaibh i, togaibh i, cànan ar dùthaich, suas leis a ‘Ghàidhlig!”

(Translation: Raise it up, raise it up, the language of our land, up with Gaelic.)
With the rememberance of the travesty that was the Battle of Culloden less than a week away we will reflect next week on some of the Myths surrounding Jacobitism. How did the British establishment manage to glorify its failure? How is it that by the time the 4th Hanoverian King decided to visit Scotland he draped himself in a Tartan finery that was oulawed along with much of the language and culture so much part of the remoter areas of Scotland..? Who can say sitting in the 21st century that no Nationalist took part as a Jacobite and no Jacobite took part as a Nationalist...? Can we ask George Mitchell the workman from Loanhead in Old Machar, Transported to the colonies in 1746 why he joined the Forfarshire Regiment or Thomas Laing the leadminer from Aberdeen  also Transported why he joined The Edinburgh regiment...For King or For Country??? For Scotland and No Union!

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