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Monday, 8 March 2010

The Highland Problem of the 17th Century; 21st Century View

Moving away from Glencoe we can take a step back to the early 17th Century and the seeds sown by those who perceived the Gaidhealtachd to be a problem to them.

The points raised in the lead up to the Glencoe massacre manifest themselves in the issues which can be traced to well before the 17th Century. But its at the beginning of this century that we start to get documentary evidence and can draw our own conclusions.

The part in this played by James VI and the union of the crowns is huge. Added to this we start to see the emergence of the name Britain and some of the kindreds of the Gaidhealtachd becoming British in attitude.

An excellent read on the subject is a paper written by Aonghas MacCoinnich for Glasgow University in 2002;

Conflict and identity in the Scottish Gaidhealtachd C. 1580 C. 1630

And leading on from this with April fast approaching it could be said that it all ended on the moor of Drumossie in 1746.

It has been said of the last Jacobite rising.....

". . . the Rising of 1745 was the natural reaction of the Jacobite clans and their sympathisers in the Highlands against what had been since the coming of William of Orange in 1690 a calculated official genocidal campaign against the religion of many and the language of all Highlanders......."

Our friends of the Bhuidheann Dubh have been busy.....

With a british general election fast approaching it has been stated by many unionsists that Scottish Politics is an irrelevance!! There seems to be a swell of opinion in Scotland that its Westminster that is the irrelevance.... What say you to that??


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