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End London Rule

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Fight Continues......

We lead this week with the sad news of the death of Bill Wolfe another of Scotland’s Sons. Unfortunately Billy will not live to see finished business done but he can rest assured that the struggle will continue……

Billy was a true Nationalist and at the more radical end of the Scottish National Party. A quote from the SNP conference in 1970 is worth repeating “We are not just concerned with a solitary aim, although that aim of independence is over-riding and is fundamentally the greatest thing we can fight for- Freedom. We are part of a social movement as well, agitating for reforms”. 40 years on and we still agitate the corruption that is UK party politics.

Billy will be remembered for many things and some not even mentioned in his recent newspaper obituary like his involvement with Radio Free Scotland, or his opposition to nuclear weapons through his links to CND. The encouragement given to the 79 Group following the disaster of the rigged referendum was fundamental to the springboard to success that is today’s National Party. He was also a regular speaker at the debating Beith 1320 club. We must never forget the sacrifice in life made by the likes of Billy Wolfe and we must ensure that Scotland remembers him for what he certainly was, a true Patriot. RIP Billy Wolfe, 22/021924-18/03/2010, Alba gu Brath.....

We are now seeing on a regular occurrence on the streets of our nation the banners and signs of Protest. Lets hope in the coming election that the people of Scotland are also waking up to this and will put a cross where St. Andrew put his and vote to End London Rule….

Some light historical news now. A recent newspaper article reported on the channel 4 Time Teams recent dig on the Isle of Mull. Reported to contain the earliest Christian burial site in the country we will need to wait a bit longer until the secrets are revealed. Time Team were invited to the island by a local archaeologist to investigate a mysterious set of earthworks they had came across within an ancient forest near to Tobermory. The 3 day dig to quote from a Time Team spokeswomen “turned out to be the most rewarding in the programmes history”. It claims to shed new light on a lost period of Scotland’s history, discovers a previously unknown monastery and most extraordinary of all, uncovers the remains of a lost Saint.

A programme to look out for on Channel 4 once it’s scheduled. Our overseas readers may get this on Satellite but if not its well worth a recording sent to you from Scotland.

To end this week we bring to your attention the issues surrounding fuel prices in Scotland. With over 40 years of Oil and Gas production from Scotland’s waters you can pay over £1.25 a litre for diesel in the North of Scotland some 100 or so miles from where it hits our shores. You can travel to the Spanish Island of Tenerife where it has no Oil or Gas production and imports all its fuels. And guess what?? You pay 70 and 90 cents a litre. The currency difference is about 10%, or 10 euros for 9 quid, so 90 cents is 80p – or thereabouts, on a good day. Tenerife has no oil rigs, no oil at all, in fact, and oil is shipped in by tanker, for there is no other way. It is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Scotland is an island in the middle of the North Sea. With the largest localised Oil reserves available yet we are forced to pay these prices by a UK government facing massive debts yet contemplating huge spending cuts on Scotland. Drive to the South of england and amaze yourself at the road building and infrastructure provision especially for that great british farce the london Olympics. Ask yourself why the people of Scotland are subjected to inflated fuel costs much higher than those in the South…..Is it Votes from a percentage mass of population…Yes.. It’s time to END LONDON RULE…..

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