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End London Rule

Monday, 1 February 2010

Protest Statements

Some feedback over the last week has brought to our attention a rise in the number of statements being made along the M8 corridor between Edinburgh and Glasgow. These are statements that wont recieve any press coverage and thanks to some fellow patriots in the Central belt we can display them here......

Time to End London Rule..could not agree more

This lorry seems to be displaying the right message

Was it not funny to watch all the media hype over Andy Murray's recent attempt at winning the Australian Open Tennis Championship. A Scottish sportsman whom the english media turn into one of theirs by calling him british. Even to the extent of drapping him in their union flag for Saturday evenings news. The Aussies were not fooled of course and can distinguish between us easily knowing full well the tricks of the POME's and supported him to the hilt.

Take for instance an english sportsman, Beckham for talking sake. Do we in Scotland call him british. NO!! he is english and thats that and will drape himself in his St Georges Flag......

Scottish Not British................!!!

. E


  1. join Independent Saltire and END BRITISH RULE

  2. Go for it Euan! british rule/london rule there both the same thing.

    Get out there and spread the word.