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Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 begins....

It is with the deepest regret that the first posting for 2010 is to mourn the loss of one of our finest modern day Patriots, David R Ross who sadly died on the 2nd of January. David was a true Patriot and inspiration in many ways to all who knew him. Our thoughts go to his family and friends at this time. His vision of a Free Scotland in his lifetime has passed but one thing we are sure of is that flame of his vision will never be extinguished.

The struggle goes on.
RIP, David R Ross, 1958-2010

Many would have the chance to take in some Hogmanay television viewing. How bad was the STV showing of Scotland's Always Had Talent? Michelle McManus on stage with a Butchers Apron and God Save the King. The media at the moment is relentless in its portrayal of all things british. From adverts displaying Union Jack cushions to Coop best of british foods. The brain washing continues.

An interesting use of our History by Tory MP Murdo Fraser saw a repeat of last years headline grabbing feature in The Press and Journal; December 27th. 2008" Call to repatriate Scottish patriot's Lubeck Letter to Germanic States. Almost a year to the date we are treated to the same headline " Call to honour Scottish hero, Moray should be same as Wallace" The Press and Journal December 26th 2009.

Needless to say this letter sent to the Press and Journal was not printed;

I noted with interest “Call to honour Scottish Hero”, Press and Journal, Saturday December 26th. Once again we are treated to Political posturing and headline grabbing by Conservative MP, Murdo Fraser. Almost a year to the date, Press and Journal, Saturday, December 27th, 2008 we were treated to a similar headline. “Call to repatriate Scottish Patriot’s Lubeck Letter to Germanic states”. Even utilising the same photograph of Mr Fraser. I must ask where we are with this before the use of another Scottish Hero by an MP of a political Party for headline grabbing? Groups such as the Andrew de Moray Project and the Society of William Wallace are constantly campaigning for the raising of memorials or the return of historical artefacts. They receive no headlines or support. Having been involved in projects such as these I know the dedication and effort it takes. So come on Mr. Fraser lets see some results or are we going to be treated to another Festive headline next year. “Call to raise statue to Prince Charles Edward Stewart in Hanover Street”?

Over to you Mr Fraser......

The Scotsman, Saturday 2nd of January featured an interesting article on its Opinion page; Platform by Irish economics editor Marc Coleman.

"Irish figures make a good cause for Scots Independence"

Quote" Colemans take on Calman is this: Scotland's geographic position and underperformance can only be corrected by fiscal autonomy. By liberating English taxpayers from permanently subsiding Scotland and by making Scotland the low-tax, viable, free enterprise dynamo that it should be, full fiscal independence will be a win win situation for all the people of these islands"

Well said Mr Coleman, pity the money spent on Calman could not see this.

A touch of History to finish. Many of you will be aware of the story of The Bruces heart and its trip on crusade to Spain with The Good Sir James Douglas and his band of Scots Knights. The Good Sir James died in battle fighting the Moors at Teba, Andulucia. There is a legend that both the body of The Good Sir James and the heart of The Bruce were brought back to Scotland by Sir William Keith. I had the pleasure of a visit to Keith Marischal in East Lothian recently. The old chapel still stands on the spot first raised in the time of David 1st. The grave stone of William Keith is reputed to be in the grounds. Unfortunately the snow beat us and we could not find it.

The castle of the Earls Marischal today

12th century chapel and burial ground

Founded by David 1st ;1124

Interesting carving still visible at the window heads

Chapel front facing east

Inside the chapel walls



  1. My condolences for your loss... May his spirit be forever an inspiration for all Scottish people!

  2. A massive loss for Scotland!! David was a true Patriot and an Inspiration to us all! He spoke from the heart and he had a way with words! Rest In Peace Big Man!

  3. a very sad loss for scotland
    but the work goes on towards total independence