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Monday, 28 December 2009



Welcome to a new blog spot and thanks for taking the time to look this up. This blog is run by Patriots of Scotland dedicated to a Free and Independent Scotland. This is non-political and whilst Party Politics play a part in the governing of our Nation we are not blowing any Political Party trumpet.

The coming year 2010 is a huge year in the history of our Nation and one that can see the beginnings of the return of our status on the World stage as a truly Free and Independent country. The so called Union that has bound our Nation together with that of England, Wales and Northern Ireland was never one of equality. For too long we have played the part of the Northern Province our history and culture diluted and in some cases ridiculed to the top of biscuit tins. Our media is run by the British state and will continue to play its part in holding this Union together.

Going forward into 2010 this blog will expose the media it will allow the reader the opportunity to make their own mind up. We will show how Freedom of Speech in a democracy can be used in ways that allow our message to be heard above that of a state controlled media. We will provide historical and cultural links within Scotland the Nation so that you the reader can expand your knowledge and ensure that these links are preserved for all for generations to come.

Please feel free to take part in this blog your input is more than welcome and we hope that you will continue to view this in the coming year and possibly even the years to come. For so long that it takes;

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom- for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself"


Yours For A Free Scotland


  1. It's about time there was a blog online dedicated to pushing for an Independent Scotland!! It's our god given right to be free!
    "Too Long We've Played The Tartan Fool...Too Long We've Bowed To English Rule!"
    Scotland will flourish as an Independent Nation! We have been ruled from a foreign country for the past 302 years! They look down upon us and use us for our oil, our taxes, our beautiful land so they can dump nuclear waste, our waters and our brave fighting men!! Scotland should be controlled by Scotland! Our ancestors fought and died to keep Scotland Independent.. Imagine what they would think if they seen us now!! The flag of "Britain" with its St Georges Cross slapped on top of a Saltire flying from Edinburgh castle and outside our "Scottish Parliament" They would turn in their Graves!

    Look at Norway for example.. Similar population to Scotland.. Similar Landscape.. But they are an Independent Nation and are Currently One of the richest in the World! Scotland has Oil! Scotland has an Amazing Tourism Industry.. World class Businesses.. Industries and Exports! All of that goes to Westminster.. and what do we get back? Subsidies which are nothing in comparison!

    They have attempted to completely wipe out our culture.. destroy our history and ridicule us!

    It's time for Scotland to Arise from this 300 year slumber and take its position on the world stage as a proud Nation once again!


  2. Every father or mother wants his children to learn about their ancestors. They want them to learn freely and be able to live like their ancestors without oppression. Every father or mother wants his children to make his own decisions! It's a real disgrace for our European Union that something like this is still possible. They talk and talk about real democracy and freedom, but the ones that should listen to the people, let this happen. Over and over again.

    But they forget this: you can't cripple the spirit of a nation to live free, by their own rules, by their own traditions. So I will support your peaceful freedomfight and spread the word, because the only danger of loosing this battle is to shut up and not to believe anymore… If you keep on fighting and spread the message and let people wake up, you'll be free one day and you'll be able to build your own future. Because the dreams of the Scottish people are also important for the true spirit of Europe (not the bag with air it is now).

    And simply because each and everyone living being on this planet deserves to be free.

    Mika from Bruges.

  3. Some fine words spoken and from the heart. Great to see our hand of friendship has spread to European shores and I can vouch for its warmth.

    The myth that Nationalism creates boundary and division has no founding. Nationalism gives pride in belonging and creates unity. Those who seek to destroy that unity are those that created the myth. Small countries the world over can live content with what they have, their people happy, their history and culture providing strength in its depth. Scotland for too long has been that small country constantly used by a larger neighbour content to have it as a part of its own. History has taught us many lessons and we have come a very long way. The spirit of our ancestors will never be extinguished and our Nation will rise again.

    There are many Political movements the world over responsible for the way our lives are shaped. Political Parties have become societies ruling classes. The Party is fast becoming more important than the people they seek to represent. We need to rid ourselves of the Political Party. All the pseudonyms of World Politics have failed its people, Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism, Communism…..A Nation can be for that people it can live in harmony and prosper. Scotland has an opportunity to rid itself of all the politics that have created these divisions and re-emerge as Nation of its people. Scotland’s shores have haemorrhaged its people for centuries some willing many forced. Our presence in the Western World through emigration is huge and renowned. This small Nation must build on that heritage.

    If all were happy with what they have and content within their shores there would be no foreign wars to fight and no more Empires to build.

    In the words of our bard “A mans a man for awe that”